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These are the rules of the wiki you should follow. Any breakage of the rules will result in 2 warnings, then a ban. If you feel like you shouldn't have been banned, you can work it out with admins.

If you are a staff member, make sure that you have read these rules and the Staff Rules.

Rules and Guidelines

1. No porn, NSFW, or R34 in articles, forums, or blog posts.

2. No spam or vandalism. Vandalism will result in a 1 year ban or longer, depending on the level of spam or vandalism. (Repeated frivolous edits are not vandalism, you will only be given a warning.) Some examples of vandalism include removing all content from pages, inserting nonsense like "LOL STUPID BITCH", etc.

3. Do not use caps excessively. This can be regarded as spam.

4. Do not use excessive language. This can also be regarded as spam, and pages/comments should be kept mostly clean for new users to read.

5. Do not edit other people's OCs without permission.

6. No shit-posting on forums.

7. If you are role-playing, no excessively detailed/gory comments about something. e.g. "He stabbed my chest". Do not go on into detail about it.

8. Do not test admins/mods; they will not hesitate to ban you.

9. Respect your fellow users; do not start flame-wars, don't harass, etc.

10. If you feel that a rule has been violated in chat, please take a screen capture for proof and contact an admin.

11. Do not beg for a position of power. Asking a few times is perfectly fine; just do not blackmail or continue asking for power after being rejected. See the Requirements for Moderationship for more information.

12. Do NOT encourage raiding a different wiki, whether this be on chat or in a discussion on the wiki. Raiding other wikis is sick and immature. If you see spammers on chat, report them to an admin, do not raid their home wiki or "get revenge".

Rules will be updated monthly.

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