Rose Evargarde is a human who literally lives in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. She isn't mentally ill, but her motives to live in the pizzeria were financial troubles and a love for technology and pizza. She also works at the restaurant, as a mechanic for the animatronics.


A tall woman with light brown hair. She is almost always wearing either her work uniform, or a Blue Shirt with a Rose on it, and black pants. She has red eyes, and her skin is pale from lack of sunlight. Rose has a ring on her left hand that has a rose carved into it.


Despite having no mental illness, Rose is prone to random giggle fits. Rose is cheerful, yet a little hostile. When an animatronic or other human gets into a fight with her, she uses her power of persuasion to win easily. Rose is very manipulative, and will trick others into doing work for her, (her cheerfulness isn't fake). Despite her crafty mind, Rose isn't selfish and will do things for her friends. Rose also has a tendency to yell things.



Chica has always been Rose's favorite character. Chica a creeped out by Rose's choice to live in the pizzeria, but is otherwise good friends with her.


Rose and Bonnie do not get along. Bonnie is confused as to why Rose would want to live in the pizzeria, but Rose says it isn't his business.


Freddy considers Rose family, animatronic or not, and will break up any fights between her and Bonnie.


Rose avoids Foxy, as she admittedly is scared of him. She knows if she gets in a fight with him, she will have to use physical combat (not her strongpoint) because Foxy is a pirate.


Amy, being her paranoid and untrusting self believes Rose moved in to dismantle her. When the two do talk, Amy and Rose do get along.

Bonnette the Bunny

Despite her confusion of Rose's life choice, Bonnette still allows herself to have a good time with Rose.


  • Rose almost always carries a scoped pistol on her.
    • This was first mean as a joke in her first RP, but it actually changed into a character trait.
  • She loves anchovies, and constantly petitions for them to be added to the menu.