Rosa is an animatronic that is very kind, she helps dismantled animatronics, and even helps the security guard.


Rosa looks like bonnie but painted white and has red eyes


Rosa is haunted by a very kind girl named Anika who always wanted to become an animatronic.... thanks to purple guy her wish came true

Fnaf 1

Acts a little like bonnie but when reaches your office she increases your power.

She also becomes LESS active as the nights progress.

Night 1: 70% active

Night 2: 55 % active

Night 3: 30% active

Night 4: 20% active

Night 5: 5 % active (she comes REALLY rarely on this night)

Night 6: 1% active (I'd love to see who sees her on this night)

Fnaf 2

She has a toy room in this one who is pretty much the same thing but comes from the hall.

The toy version was constructed through the old model so the same ghost haunts it.

Fnaf 3

She is only found in the toy box in this game because there is no power to give

Fnaf 4

A plushie of her (plushrosa) sits next to the plush freddy on the bed.

She makes a higher picked voice when you click on her nose.

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