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Rektor is an unknown robot that was mentioned by Phone Guy at some night calls.

Night 2 Phone Call

... Hmmm, I am just reading some confident files about this restaurant. It seems that they have an unusued robot, locked somewhere in this building. Apparently, company bought him from circus twenty years ago. There were rumors about how violent he was and other stuff. You can't spot his primary place, because there is not a camera for that. Although, you can hear him moaning but it's not a big wuss...

Night 5 Phone Call

Hello, hello? Hell... this place turned into hell. I saw a weird looking creature on a camera, without a jaw and other body parts. It managed to escape, somehow. Now, listen to my words. Keep calm and pray that... *bangs on the door* oh no. Listen, I have to go. See 'ya.

The Crush Of '95


The Crush of '95 is an event on Freddy Fazbear's timeline. Rektor is involved in it, due to his weight and strength:

Incredible as it may seem, it has been confirmed that an animatronic at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria is guilty for several deaths in the mentioned building.

The CEO of Fazbear Entertainment, Al Coholic, demands to sue circus for "giving the robot with false wiring".

"It's a tragedy. Now, when the robot is finally scrapped, we are turning a new leaf." ~ CEO

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