"They also have this scrapped animatronic near the Vending Machine uhh, i think he was from an old pizzaria i don't think it made it uhh just watch out he can take off your Endomaster Head so be aware of where he is...."

Phone guy,Five Nights at Endomaster's 2




Reddy Redbird has the same appearance as Red from Angry Birds aside from being robotic and hands out snacks for children he also has advanced mobility, and has a candy bag with plastic candy inside


Reddy, like BB from FNaF 2 Starts moving on night 2 he enters the hall and you have to put on the Endomaster Magician Head.If neglected and the camera is put up he will be at your right saying things and you cant use the EM head or your Flashlight.(quotes below)


"Who left this on?" "Where is the batteries?" Oh it's the guard" "I need these batteries to make the vending machine work" "Umm guard i need your batteries and head" "Hi"

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