Red the Bunny is a 7'5 Red Animatronic Bunny. Wears a Green Bowtie, Model looks like Uniwhithered Bonnie.

Left ear is normally Tilt over..While the Right Ear is Up. Cyan Eyes.


Was Created in 1990, Put on stage in December 15th, 1995. Is a Replacement For Bonnie, Due to Face, And The Arm fallng off (The Kids were aloud To Touch the Animatronics in my Universe.) The Worst thing that Happened was in November 1st, 2000 Where He Accidently Broke a Kid's Arm, it wasent Fully his Fault..The Kid was Hanging his arm in Red's Hand So Red was still in Order. A Fault Wiring with Red Caused a Fire in 2010 and Burned The Arcade (Freddy's was a Arcade in My universe.). Since Red Was a Springlock suit, Was put in the Attraction..(In my Universe) And Was a Suit for the Dayshift to use (The Fire never Happened in Fazbear's Fright in my Universe.). 2019 Red Was Dismantled By A Guy none as: "Jerry Afton" (Its Jerry Afton in my Universe.). The end Of Red Caused the End of Fazbear Entertainment.

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