"His name used to be Redbear but it was to much for the company to bear so, they changed his name to Red The Bear.And remember do not under any circumstance check the basement when he is there, we installed a device connected to motion trackers to keep this from happening. However, if you DO check the basement when he is there, he will turn out the power..."

Phone Guy, Five Nights at Red's.

Red The Bear is a character from Five Nights at Red's he turns out the power if you check the basement


Reddish-Brown bear with a microphone in one paw'


He starts at the Entertainment stage and when active, goes to the basement

Night 1


Night 2

Rarely Active

Night 3


Night 4

Very Active

Night 5

Extremely Active

Night ???/Night 6


Night 7/Custom Night

Depends on A.I level.


Used to be in Fredbear's but was scrapped then, fixed and thrown into Red's Family Diner

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