Rebun123 is a RP character used by the user of the same name


Rebun's appearance is unknown as he doesn't even have a picture or something relating to him.

The only known thing about Rebun's appearance is that he wears dark clothes under which there is some light armor used for combat.


Rebun is good in Hand-to-Hand Combat, but when it gets to shooting, he is really bad, even being able to shoot the wrong target.

He also has extreme luck which can save him from various deadly attacks and help him in combat.

Rebun is also well known in parkouring and dodging, making him a really hard to get target.

Being the Murder Cliff's lead architect he can edit it while there, making the cliff a fabricated world.

He is really smart, making him think every possibility for a problem and its variants.

He also has some Medical knowledge making him good at the time of recovering from wounds.


Rebun has a Hyper-Active Personality, and suffers from Temporal Madness, meaning he can get berserk at random times. He is really helpful when he wants, but when he is against someone, he'll make sure that person will suffer for it. He also suffers from changing personality, even making a drastic change such as a psychopathic killer, to a refined gentleman.


Mind is Rebun's mind, so he is the only one who can hear it, even talking to it, making it so someone that isn't him sees him as a mad man talking to himself. Mind is always trying to help Rebun when greatly needed, but it can also make some sarcastic and ironical commentaries just to piss him off.


Rebun cannot be killed by one hit kills.

He can use luck to find weapons.

He doesn't like being hugged, in fact, he hates it.

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