"Razbunny Entertainment"


This is part of the Five Nights at Ravic's series made by Scopica. You may only read it, but don't edit it without Scopica's permission; unless you are fixing spelling mistakes. Also, this is pure imagination! Deal with it!

Razbunny Entertainment is a spin-off of the Five Nights at Ravic's series made by Scopica. It is a multiplayer game where the player has to free-roam establishments/maps to avoid any animatronic of choice.


  • The human
  • Ravic
  • Casper
  • Perry
  • Doggy
  • Toy Ravic
  • Toy Casper
  • Toy Perry
  • Squippy
  • Toy Doggy
  • Monko
  • Salvage
  • Withered Ravic
  • Withered Casper
  • Withered Perry
  • Withered Doggy
  • Withered Golden Ravic
  • Shadow Ravic
  • Shadow Casper
  • Trapcat
  • Phantom Ravic
  • Phantom Casper
  • Phantom Perry
  • Phantom Doggy
  • Phantom Squippy
  • Phantom Monko
  • Phantom Salvage
  • Nightmare Ravic
  • Nightmare Casper
  • Nightmare Perry
  • Nightmare Doggy
  • Nightmare Monko
  • Nightmare Ravbit
  • Nightmare
  • Nightmare Trapcat
  • Nightmare Squippy
  • Nightmare Salvage
  • Nightmare Toy Doggy
  • Drik the Dragon
  • Circus Ravic
  • Plai the Platypus
  • Bulair the Bull
  • Shain the Sheep


  • FNAR 1 Map
  • FNAR 2 Map
  • FNAR 3 Map
  • FNAR 4 (extensive) Map
  • Final Fright Map
  • Prison
  • FNAF 4 Map
  • Basement: Ignited Bonnie
  • Forest
  • Ravbit Diner



The player has to survive the animatronics while looking for a randomly-generated exit.


The player survives until 6AM.


The player has time to gather materials to build a blunt weapon to deal a certain amount of damage to animatronics.


Classic FNAF gameplay as the player has to sit wherever they are and use nearby items to their advantage.


Collect (1-10) objects within (1-5) minutes. Failure results in having to wait for an animatronic to kill you.


Survive for as long as possible without dying.


Use your surroundings to hide in auto-generated hiding spots. This mode ends when the human is in the animatronic's line of sight.


Use cameras to get a better understanding of where the animatronics are. Similar to Hunt.

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