"Razbunny Entertainment"


This is part of the Five Nights at Ravic's series made by Scopica. You may only read it, but don't edit it without Scopica's permission; unless you are fixing spelling mistakes. Also, this is pure imagination! Deal with it!



It is no doubting what phenominal events take place in the Razbunny era. He ran a place to sell sandwiches, he ran his own theatre, and he's even been part of a big play-centre. But something is making the dynamic 4 go corrupt and go after a certain nightguard...


Five Nights at Ravic's 4: The Final Fright - 1960

Five Nights at Ravic's 2 - 1980

Five Nights at Ravic's - 2000

Five Nights at Ravic's 3 - 2030

Five Nights at Ravic's: Undead Circus - 2010 (ALTERNATE TIMELINE)

Razbunny Entertainment - 2050 (ALTERNATE TIMELINE)

FNAR World Timeline

FNAR World: Deck Check

FNAR World: Stone Crow


  • Ravbit's Diner opened in 1960. (Five Nights at Ravic's 4)
  • Ravic's Pizzeria opened in 1968.
  • Animatronic Warehouse opened in 1980. (FIve Nights at Ravic's 2)
  • Ravic's Sandwich Stop opened in 1987.
  • Ravic's New Sandwich Stop opened in 2000. (Five Nights at Ravic's)
  • Ravic's Horror Circus opened in 2010. (Five Nights at Ravic's: Undead Circus)
  • Ravic Scares opened in 2030. (Five Nights at Ravic's 3)
  • Razbunny Museum opened in 2050. (Razbunny Entertainment)
  • Razbunny Playhouse opened in 2070.
  • FNAR World opened in an unknown period. (FNAR World Series)













"The Killer"


Developer Notes

"Well, it's nice to have all my neat lil' creations into one big group. Provided, I didn't do all of these alone. I have to thank Scott Cawthon, the creator of FNAF, obviously. I also thank Official Leobear Productions for Reaper Ravbit and the cartoon gang, so huge shoutout to him. I would also like to thank Gommy_Rennard for creating Animatronic World on ROBLOX. Without that guy, this gang wouldn't exist. Without THESE guys, that is! Of course, I'd like to thank any others I may have forgot. Don't worry, this is not the end of our little red rabbit. He's staying." - Scopica

Bad Ending

Until next time, folks!

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