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This is part of the Five Nights at Ravic's series made by Scopica. You may only read it, but don't edit it without Scopica's permission; unless you are fixing spelling mistakes. Also, this is pure imagination! Deal with it!

Ravic Razbunny (also known as Ravic the Rabbit, or 赤いウサギ meaning "red rabbit") is an antagonist and the MAIN antagonist in Five Nights at Ravic's. He replaces Freddy.


A red rabbit (Bonnie's structure) with a blue tie. His torso is orange while the rest of his body is red. He has blue eyes. He weilds a microphone.



He sings and dances to the kids, and being the main character he's the one who cares the most about the kids. Doggy sometimes replaces him and he gets angry via that. During the nighttime, he's an EXTREMELY dangerous animatronic and won't stop until you are dead.


Ravic starts on Night 4. He starts at the Show Stage, then to the Dining Hall, then he moves Backstage, then hides near Doggy's Kennel, before going down the hallway and sneaking into your right Blind Spot. Use the camera to find him and shut the door.


  • Casper the Cat
  • Perry the Penguin
  • Golden Ravic


  • Freddy (Replacement)
  • Doggy (Formerly)
  • Fazbear Crew
  • Other roleplay characters (Determinant)

Ravic returns in Five Nights at Ravic's 2 with a major difference.


Ravic is the same red rabbit, but is now completely rusted all over, and is missing a face and arm.



With him being withered, he only knows to kill.


Ravic moves, like in the first game, on Night 4. He starts in Parts & Services, then to the Main Hallway, then the Office Hallway, before peeking in. Hide behind some crates to avoid him. Out of all the animatronics, Ravic is the fastest.


  • Withered Casper
  • Withered Perry
  • Withered Doggy
  • Golden Ravic


Nearly everyone else.

Ravic is not an antagonist in the third game. He is replaced by Phantom Ravic.



His picture on the right. The style is 'boxy' to represent old-school times.

To be continued...

Ravic makes a Appearance on the TV show Leobear And Friends in the fourth game. He is replaced as an antagonist by Nightmare Ravic.



Despite this actually being Ravbit, he is still mentioned as 'Ravic'. He has a creamy color with red eyes, and a much more smug look. His tie is notably more bigger.

Ravic has been in some strange situations.

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