"Ya know, that Raven girl...Keep an eye on her, okay? She's hasn't been...acting normal lately...Ever since that thing she carried around all the time vanished...She's been...not right..." -Phone Guy, advising the Player about Raven.

Raven is an animatronic made by Fazbear Entertainment, to preform shows for the customers exclusively during Halloween. Because of that, her promotional poster has a Halloween background. Like several other animatronics, she is sentient.


Her poster on the right.



Raven is a sweet and flirty animatronic, designed to have an appealing personality for all ages. She openly cares for her animatronic friends, even if they don't return her attention. Despite her suggestive appearance, Raven dislikes perverted comments, and will not hesitate to stop sexual harassment if she sees any occurring.


At night, Raven hunts the guard just like the other animatronics. She starts at her stage, and slowly makes her way to the guard. Unlike her daytime personality, Raven is VERY flirty at night, and will occasionally let slip a pick-up line on both male and female animatronics. When attacking the guard, she's aggressive and tireless, and will almost never give up.

Movement Pattern

Nightheart Castle -> Show Stage* -> Prize Corner** -> Main Hall -> Party Rooms 1 and 2*** -> Hallway Outside Office -> Office


  • * Raven can only appear on the Show Stage after Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, and Toy Chica have all left. Until then, she's stuck on her stage, and even if they all leave, she doesn't move around until Night 3.
  • ** In the Prize Corner, only her giggling is heard. She does not disrupt the music box.
  • *** She will stand by the vent in both rooms to trick the guard into thinking she's going to enter the vents, before moving to the hallway outside the Office, where she will enter the Office from.
  • She knows a fair bit of French and Japanese, but speaks mainly English.

Starting Night

She starts on Night 3, like the original Freddy Fazbear in FNAF1.

Theme Song

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