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Rally Raccoon has the appearance of a Raccon Animatronic. She is colored light gray with darker grey on her stomach, inside ears, and striped part of her tail. She has a black tophat with a red ribbon and bow around it, and a red bowtie. She can be seen holding a checkered flag. She would always challenge Foxy to race and sometimes the other animatronics. But after they were taken off of free roaming mode she was scrapped and left Backstage. And she never moved around at night, this was due to her having different programming, and she doesn't come for the player. Though due to budget cuts, this is why she is the only one with this programming,


Rally still appears as a Raccoon Animatronic. But she is colored pink with light pink on her stomach and inside ears. The striped part of her tail is purple colored. She had the same complexion and curves as Toy Chica (and possibly the PreMangle). She has a black tophat with a pruple ribbon and bow around it, and a purple bowtie. She has purple eyelids, long eyelashes, and red rosy cheecks. She also has a checkered flag but it also reads "RACE!". She has a tiny area with bumper cars near Kids Cove called 'Racer's Circle'. 

At night, she would start in Racer's Circle, then move to one of the party rooms or the hallway-but then she entered the right airvent. She could be viewed in the blindspot but if you miss her she'll jumpscare the player-ending the night.

Withered Rally looks the same-however she is missing mainly both of her arms, her left endoskelton leg is visible, and her right eye hangs out of its socket. She only appears in the hallway and Party Room 4-when she gets in the office put the mask on immediately. Otherwise Rally will jumpscare the player-ending the night.


Not much is known about either Rally 30 years later. As she was forgotton by the company after the last day Freddy Fazbear's was open. She was forgotten by the company that scrapped the Toy animatronics as she never showed signs of malfunctioning. However, the last day that pizzeria was open kids had torn apart Toy Rally. Making her look like the Mangle, except a Raccoon. The new Fazbears Fright couldn't use Toy Rally either. Since 30 years later her endoskeleton and programming no longer functions.

The original Rally however, her endoskelton was removed, her flag was used for decoration (both Rally's flags) and Rally's suit is just lying in a backroom.

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