Rage Espio is a form of Espio the chameleon that possesses far greater power than even Shadow, Silver, Sonic, and even Iblis combined. He is able to use dark energy.


Rage Espio has no pupils, and has a much darker skin with purple splotches around his body. He seems to always appear in acrimony and feels tough pain whenever he uses dark energy. 

Rage Espio about to be revealed by normal Espio.


Rage Espio has a wide selection of powerful abilities, and here they are.

  • Shadow Charge (A horde of clever, sly shadows that are able to attack at any time are this ability)
  • Shadow Rush (This ability gives the user more strength and allows them to blend into the shadows to trick opponents)
  • Slow of Time (This is an effect when negative dark energy is released. It slows down time, therefore every action currently in place will be very slow. The user, however, will have their default speed.)
  • Mega Dark Blast (This is an attack that only happens when a large blast of dark energy is charged up and successfully used.)
  • Dark Chaos Spear (This form of energy attack can be duplicated, thus multiplying the default damage.)
  • Dark Eye of Fire (Whenever the user feels extreme pain and releases a large amount of dark energy, this rare ability can trigger and give the user two pitch black eyes with white spiral pupils. When the user uses one of the eyes, they will release powerful fire.)
  • Dark Dragon (This is a rare ability that can give the user a great amount of advantages in a battle and even gives new abilities to the user.)

At the pizzeria

Occasionally, Rage Espio enters FFP and searches for the animatronics or anyone else there. He has a goal to destroy all animatronics.


Rage Espio

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