"Buzz, you there?"

"Yeah, I am in the office, Paul's just about to come in?"

"Close the door, that ain't Paul."

"Course, it is, isn't that right... *sharp intake of breath*"

"Buzz? BUZZ!?!" The night guard shouts into his radio only to hear an object fall from the fourth floor of the mall.

"Oh my god!" Upon seeing what fell.

Quin is a nightmare. Worse he's a mannequin. At a downtown Shopping mall where a Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria existed, a teenager was reported missing. His body was never found. But unlike what occurred at the normal Fazbear locations didn't happen here. No animatronics malfunctioned, no reports on animatronics looking like reanimated carcasses, and no complaints about an odor.

However, night security reported that some of their staff would be found dead on the bottom floor of the mall. It was suggested that they all committed suicide but why would they remove all their clothes before doing so?

According to one employee who survived but was institutionalized shortly after claimed that a Mannequin who had to be possessed would kill night staff, then put their clothes on to catch other guards of guard and kill them. Despite what was said it wasn't believed. But more security was added more guards continued to die. Finally some Corporate manager of the Mall had every night a different Mannequin removed from display and locked up in a room in the back. Eventually after 1000 deaths and 2 years, one mannequin was locked up and no died nor speak about curious activity that night. Withholding the mannequin for several days and no changes sparked a last single test, releasing it back on display for one night. 20 security guards died. The mannequin was permanently removed and sealed up following that incident, but after 20 more years, a Samuel Smith, was willing to purchase it for deep storage purposes. With a little money to be pocketed the store manager sold the mannequin and Samuel Smith had it sealed into a crate in his Warehouse.

But its still waiting to be free again, still waiting to kill.


Gathered from the institutionalize night guard Quin as he was nicknamed, is a silent killer who uses the art of suspense and surprise to kill his victims. Unable to or at least never heard to speak, Quin will kill with anything on hand or simply snap his victims neck before dropping them from a high place naked. Then taking their clothes he will appear as them, and catch the other guards off guard, and kill them.

Best Strategy to survive...

Take your buddies, advice close the freaking door. Oh and Quit while you still can.

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