"goodjob night 4 not much people make it to this night but there is saying i have to tell you.Uh one of staff used a yellow fox suit to lure the children to there death i don't know what is happening but just watch for the entrance cameras and-Oh no*Stabbing sounds and screams*"FNAF2 phoneguy about one of the staff
The purple fox is the 3rd killer He has glowing white eyes and he carries a knife he will disable the animatronics with the words "You can't" He can disable one at a time.he is hostile to all near him rarely ever hides the bodies he is only seen during the night Beware for
Screenshot 10

all out there animatronics and night guards.

Savethem Counterpart:Purple Wears a yellow badge has white eyes.

Is an expert hacker.

Death:SImliar to the purple guys but he was entering the purple springtrap suit and the gears activated and crushed him to death.

Theme is:Awoken

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