The story begins with Purple Man arriving to the pizzeria, ready to dis-member some animatronics. After he starts destroying Bonnie, he gets in a conflict with Chica. She tells him to stop eliminating the animatronics. He tells her that he likes destroying them, and continues to do it. He gets distracted by Muriel, and tries to destroy her. However, BB gets in the way and he runs after him. Golden Freddy flies into him but he gets his endoskeleton back broken. He engages Balloon Boy, at first over-powering him but then he gets help from his friends, but then Purple Man gets his Purple Children. They go at for a while, until the Purple Children get too much damage and they leave, and Muriel starts stabbing Purple Man. Golden Freddy appears once again, while Purple Man is getting mauled, and he throws Springtrap onto him, Purple Man "dying".


  • It is unknown who won the fight as some interfered the fight and didn't continue.
  • This is the first appearance of Muriel the Ghost.
  • The Purple Children are first shown here and seem to have telepathy.
  • Purple Man also has telepathy, and the ability to use pheromones like his kids.
  • This is the first time Kaine did not appear in the RP at all.
  • This RP is considered non-canon or a alternate universe.