Name: Pumpkin King

Known as: The Pumpkin King

Species: Animatronic

Gender: Male

Color: Orange

Size: Animatronic sized

Eye color: Black

Occupation: Entertainer

First appearance: Night 2

Jumpscare/Kill/Attack animation: His head pops out of the ceiling and burns your body completely

Versions(So far): Pumpkin King

Appearance: [1]

Theme: Halloween


Behaviour: [During Work Hours: Works completely fine, happy with funny jokes]

[After Hours: Killing Beahviour, and sadistic jokes]

Backstory: He was a kid that loved Halloween and was always prepared to spend the Halloween at a pizzaria, but one Halloween he had an amazing party and he spended more time in the pizzaria than in the other Halloweens. After some time he found the animatronics, but they weren't the happy animatronics from the day and he was then putted up in a suit, with a pumpkin. It was dark, he could barely see anything at all, and then sudently, they start putting fire inside the suit, burning the child, but keeping his spirit and love for the Halloween.

[Under Construction]

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