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Pootis is a big, heavy robot that is held in a secret place of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria for urgent situations. Although, he is deactivated most of the time, he roams at the night to catch burglars. He isn't supposed to be violent, but his wires have gone wrong due to his fight with Rektor.


Pootis is a big, heavy robot that is covered in a platinum color. On his right arm, a sticker with words: "EXTREMELY VOLATILE" can be found and the wires are popping out of his back. The steam is always coming out of his mouth and another sticker is attached on his forehead, saying: "REJECTED"


??? > Backstage > Dining Area > Pirate Cove > Kitchen > East Hall Corner > Office


  • Judging by his dossier at the Extra menu, Pootis is similar to Rektor.
  • Pootis may be attacker in The Crush of '95.
  • Rektor and Pootis has one thing in common: their starting place is unknown.

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