(note: this is not finished i am editing this late at night and will have to go to bed soon, i will have a much more detailed version later)

Pokey Minch (or Porky, i respect any way you like to say it) is a very interesting human, well sorta human, he has some unhuman features like cyan/blue skin, he also has imortallity (not the strength kid but the age kind, basiclly he can live forever but he can still be killed but unnatual causes) where he got his imortallity is from a strange device that has 2 functions, 1. he can use it to travel anywhere in time but it requires a lot of PP( phiyical points) 2. it has a healing abillity that requires 5 PP. If this device is destroyed it will destroy pokey as well since it was his life source, he dies by spliting into a million pieces when the device is destroyed.


Tumblr ne7ziuDgNA1rn1ey3o1 500

Pokey has a look like a business man, he has red eyes with black pupils, he has a red and pink suit with a black tie, he also has gneenish blueish skin. he hair covers his eyes most of the time.


Pokey has a few weakness'

1. Pokey's device if destroyed kills him

2. Pokey is stronger around sad and misreable people, but he is very weak around joyful people


AU character by Pokey From Earthbound, please dont edit without contacting me first.

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