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Pokémon Theme Park, often abbreviated simply to "PTP" or "Pikachu's", also called "Pokemon Amusement Park", Owned by Pokemon Company, is the name of the fictional location in which Five Nights at Pikachu's is set. Pikachu's is a family theme park. In that Pokemon Theme Park provides entertainment via ferris wheels guarded by ghost mascots.

The primary ghost and figurehead of Pokemon theme park is Pikachu himself, accompanied by his friends, consisting of Ash, Misty, Brock, Brock's Onix, and his enemies named Jessie, James (Five Nights at Pikachu's), and Meowth.

Despite Pikachu's looking like a charming, family-friendly park, it actually has a very dark and disturbing past.


According to Phone Guy in Five Nights at Pikachu's 2, the original restaurant was named "Raichu's Family World," presumably a local family theme park, before being bought and re-enfranchised as "Pokemon Theme Park." By the time the events of the second game occurred, the original restaurant and owner have been gone for years.

According to several altered posters in the first game, an incident occurred when a man, dressed in an mascot (thought to be Golden Pikachu's) suit.

In the first game, the theme park is actually set to be shut down later in the year; complaints to the Health Department about blood and mucus coming from nowhere, as well as a horrid odor, are allegedly the cause. Furthermore, business had been bad, and the management could not find a buyer for the park since no one cared to be associated with the name, giving them no other choice but to close the place down. Due to the incidents, the theme park had been unable to earn a substantial amount of revenue. This resulted in the implementation of a power budget at night. It is also for these reasons that the establishment was forced to close down at the end of the year.