Pirate Bonnie is a Bunny Animatronic and is a pirate is related to Foxy The Pirate who has a Hook Eye Patch and has the appearance of Bonnie.


Pirate Bonnie is an animatronic which is Bonnie but is a pirate version who has purple fur and a purple eye. The other eye is covered by an eyepatch. He doesn't wear a red bowtie. Pirate Bonnie doesn't have any tears in his body such as hanging wires or visible endoskeleton areas.

Through the years

As Pirate Bonnie went through some rough years, he soon got replaced by Toy Bonnie and the other Toy animatronics. Toy Bonnie is not a pirate bunny but is a bunny animatronic.

Then, through more years, Pirate Bonnie gets rebuilt from the old version into a new pirate bunny. 30 years later, Pirate Bonnie has been turned into a lamp in a building named 'Fazbear's Fright'