A dictionary to compile the various typing styles, emotes, and phrases of User:PierrotEclipse.

Idea belongs to User:Kingfireblast.

Typing Styles

  • Correct Spelling and Punctuation, No Emotes - Serious. Used when Pierrot isn't joking around like she usually does, or when she's administering warnings.
  • Correct Spelling and Punctuation, Emotes - Normal Pierrot, semi-serious, can switch to above as needed.
  • Correct Spelling, Mildly Messed Up Capitalization - Either Pierrot's keyboard hates her, or she's too lazy to capitalize properly right now.
  • Correct Spelling, Lacking Punctuation - Pierrot either forgot the punctuation, or she just decided to go without it.
  • No Capitalization - She said "Screw caps."
  • No Spaces - Pierrot's too excited to space her words out, OR she's concealing a pervy comment.
  • All Caps - Shocked about something.
  • Red Text - Yandere mode alert.


  • <user> pls - why are you doing this/what have you done, <user>
  • Caps pls - Chill with the caps, please.
  • I must go, my people need me - One of the ways Pierrot says she has to leave chat.
  • For Enoshima's sake - For Christ's sake
  • HAIFRIEND - Greeting for User:Jess That girl you see down the street.
  • *insert comment here*~ - INNUENDO ALERT
  • GFORGREETINGS/GforGreetings! - Greeting for User:GforGolden
  • .. - Pierrot had to restrain herself from lashing out. If you see this, something pissed her off.


  • =n= - Annoyed, AKA "pls"
  • =w=b - Pierrot approves.
  • =w= - An emote used to display neither like nor hatred.
  •  ;n; - Sad.
  •  ;w; - ^
  • ^o^ - Mogege!
  • ^w^ - Pierrot is happeh.
  • oAo - Ohgodwhy
  • o w o - fujoshi mode go

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