Phone guy mentions a new phone operator for Campwood Delight 2, the relocation of the 3 original cabins abandoned by Fazbear Entertainment's partner, Fox Redwood Factory.

"Uh, hello? Yeah...The new relocation! I'm pretty sure you'll see it, if not around the corner. (Recording skips ahead) Or atleast, give up on it's owners. Hm... There isn't much left for me here, I only got a few crates of ore and then I have to find a way outta here. As you may already know, I'm giving up the job. Yeah, sure which I will... Ok! I know! Just-Just give me some time. Please don't- I-I'll switch over!"

Towards the end, Phil seems to feel more pressured by a muffled voice on the phone. The voice can be translated into a jumble of texts: "Hmm Nar Yarr Mate! No! No! Gimme! No! I want it! Here! Write the Check! I will ! I will! You Better! Or ! Hahahahahaa! Phone! Light! a Match for! No! YOU! Hahahaha!"

The voice first starts off slow and sounds like Phone Guy mimicking Foxy. After Phil's recording skips, loud yelling, banging, and crying can be heard along with an unidentified voice yelling out "No's" the entirety of the recording. After the voice is finished, a vague Phone Guy says things such as "gimme" or "I want it!". After this, Phone Guy's voice aligns with Phil's. Almost sounding like a conversation when volume is lowered.

Phone Guy: Here! Write the Check!

Phil: Yeah, when I find I way outta here. As you already know, I'm giving up the job.

Phone Guy: I will! I will!

Phil: Yeah, sure which I will.

Phone Guy: You Better! Or!

Phil: Ok! I know! Just-Just give me some time.

Phone Guy: Phone! Light! A Match for! No!

Phil: Please dont- I-I'll switch over!

Phone Guy: YOU!

Phil's recording is very vague, and has nothing to do with your new establishment, Beaver Wax and Coins.

According to Phone Guy, Phil is his older brother and was trying to leave his shift due to some unrelated reasons with the company. Phone Guy also mentions that he's supposed to be the new operator for the establishment. It is often speculated that Phone Guy's brother was the victim in the fire mentioned for Beaver Wax and Coins.

"Hav-Have you met Phil yet? Yeah..Phil is my older brother....He is finishing up around the clock....I- I think I'll try close up for him, do him a favor.....Wish I could switch shifts with him."

The dates for the two recordings do not match. Phone Guy's recording was dated around 1990, where as Phil's recording was dated back to 1978. How do they co-exist? Also, the victim of the fire was presumed dead in 1979, given that Phil is still alive in 1990, this debunks the theory that Phil died in the fire.

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