Were you looking for one of Phantom Silver's counterparts: Silver, Toy Silver, or Nightmare Silver?


Phantom Silver is a hallucination of a heavily burnt and damaged Silver. She has lost both of her wings and her eyes glow. She is covered with blood stains unlike the other phantoms. She is tattered with many holes.


It is unknown where Silver's starting location is. She has the ability to teleport anywhere along her path. She will first appear in the vents but will teleport near the window and gallop into the office. She will then proceed to attack the player.


  • She can attack even while Phantom Puppet is still in the office.
  • Strangly she will only start her hunt if the player gets a ventilation error. However her jumpscare causes an audio error.
  • There is a rare glitch where she will attack while Springtrap is attacking causing an audio error. If this glitch happens Springtrap will disappear, then he will immediately appear in the players office after the audio error has been rebooted.

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