Name: Phaedra d’Angelique

Gender: Female

Species: Angel[Felinoid hominid]

Class: White Mage/Black Mage

Color: Pale white with Black Hair[White Mage mode only, colors are reversed when in black mage mode]

Height: 4’5”

Weight: >100 lbs

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black[White when in black mage mdoe]

Theme Song: Angel of Darkness

Appearance: See image below.  Roughly 4’5” tall and less than 100 lbs.  ...counting the toga.

Phaedra Dark Phaedra by bewildered

Occupation: Designed as a daycare animatronic, built for aerial surveillance to keep an eye on toddlers and younger children and keep them safe.

History: Originally meant for use in a daycare, after the whole ‘Fazbear Fiasco’, Phaedra and her entire model line was canned out of fear for the safety of children.  However while unaltered in appearance, due to a clause in the AE agreement contract, they have seen new lif in military special forces s aerial recon focussing on the safety of the soldiers in their ‘litter’, knowing they can handle themselves, but still fretting for their safety.

Specialty: Phaedra and her entire model line are built to be very strong for their small size and weight, roughly on par with a healthy adult male in terms of strength, through weighing less than a hundred pounds fully clothed and barely over 4 feet tall.  this is because they are designed for flight.  Not hovering, not oost jumping, but literal, GENUINE flight.  Their wings are capable of keeping them aloft using gliding and updrafts and are both strong and durable enough to gain altitude through flapping, much like a large bird.  While not fast they ARE capable of reaching altitudes in the quadruple digits if they’re not distracted.

Power: Phaedra and her entire model line have keen eyesight and the ability to hack and broadcast images across multiple video sources, most notably military and police Audio-video systems.  They were designed to be ‘The eyes of a guardian angel’ for small children, but serve this just as easily for full-grown soldiers, police, and rescue personnel. They have two states.  a ‘White Mage’ state, which is protective but ultimately docile, focusing on safety of the troops, known as her ‘litter’ or ‘kittens’, with access to various on-the-fly first aid supplies, and a ‘Black Mage’ mode which has access to a variety of less-lethal weaponry, and a FAR more aggressive attitude, usually only seen if one of her charges is grievously wounded or killed, focussing more on hunting down the culprit than their own safety.

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