pepper swine

pepper boar iz a famunily frendlee and cute cartoon peccary, she iz reel cute n knos how 2 behav herself, and she alwayz lissens 2 mummi n daddy

Her brotthr gorg iz a complet stupidhed hes rely anoying n i dont like him, he should die i hate him idc dont @ me

pepper babirusa has many frendz n dey r rabits n othr aninmals n pepper hog iz very creeaytiv n doez helfy lerninz at skoolz, she iz very behave

If u like dis page pls comment ur honust feelinz in the coments but if ur honust feelinz r negatives or means den dat is not ur honust feelinz n u shuld be more trooffulz n nice

Lols xd hope u like page, pepper iz mai fav sho and i liek it cuz itz helfy 4 ur brains n u can lern fings frum it while unlso havin a good fun time, it is liek a mixin of both actevites n is rate gud for u

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