Pencil is an animatronic Penguin who resides in the Supply Closet. She is the Janitor of the building and helps clean up pizza and spilled drinks. She also draws pictures for the kids when not cleaning up.


FNaF 1

Pencil starts at the Supply Closet. She then moves Backstage, then to Pirate Cove, then to the Show Stage then to the Kitchen, then to the East Hall, then to the Office. She does not go into the East Hall Corner in order to reach the player. Pencil attacks by lunging at the player.

FNaF 2

Pencil starts in Parts/Service as one of the decommissioned animatronics. Her appearance has missing an entire arm, like Bonnie is. She moves into the Main Hall, staring into the camera. She then enters thchanged. She now has a belt with a dustpan and a small brush. She is ripped up in some areas. She is also e Game Area. She then goes to the Kid's Cove. She then moves into the Front Hall, then into the Office. Her attack is biting the player.


  • Pencil was decommissioned after her left arm fell off. The workers had to fix it. Eventually they gave up.
  • Pencil is the only animatronic without teeth to bite the player.
  • Pencil is strange rarely, disabling the camera in Pirate Cove in FNaF 1 or Kid's Cove in FNaF 2.

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