This baby is about to be completely redone, are you ready for the new and improved Panswer?

"H-h-hey there, k-k-kids! You wanna see-e-e a party trick-k-k?"
— -Panswer, offering to show children his "Party Trick".


Panswer is a animatronic panther who is a Fan Antagonist in FNaF. He will start in the Supply Closet and replace the endoskeleton who sits on the table, he will then get up and wander around the restaurant similarly to the other characters in the game.

Uniform to all the other animatronics in the game, he will try to forcefully put a suit on any person they see after hours, resulting in death.


Panswer is a orange panther, he has a muzzle that is some mix of Freddy's puffy muzzle and freckles and the elongated muzzle like Foxy's. Two triangle teeth come over his mouth even when it's closed, giving a more catlike look to him. He has a pair of triangle ears, lacks eyebrows, and has a triangle nose at the end of his muzzle.

His body has a single black button on the chest, he has a lighter shade of orange on his belly and muzzle. It appears that his chest fluffs up at the top. Much like most other animatronics, he has three toed feet and lacks any tail. His hands are interesting in a sense that they have retractable claws.

Panswer has a notebook that the keeps on handy.


Panswer's starting location is the Supply Closet. When activated, he will move to any room on the left side of the restaurant, excluding Pirate's Cove. This means he can appear in the Dining Area, Backstage, the West Hall, and the West Hall Corner. When looking into the office, he will have his notebook pressed up against the window with "HELLO" written on it.


Panswer will approach the office from the left from time to time, but he generally stays in the office window for about as long as Chica does.

Panswer is unactive for the first night, and will begin to move from his spot from the second night onwards. On the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th nights, he will twitch violently like Bonnie in the West Hall Corner. His head will snap completely around to look at the camera, unlike when he is turned in the opposite direction of the camera.

When Panswer enters the office, similar to Bonnie and Chica, he will make quiet, raspy groans


  • At night, Panswer's book has "IT'S ME" in all of his pages.
  • Apparently, Panswer has retractable and contractible claws for the sake of having the ability to preform a "Party Trick" where he slices a pizza with his claws.

Panswer also makes an appearance in FNaF 2 as a fan antagonist.


His overall appearance has Greatly changed since the first game, to start, He has the endoskeleton teeth that most older animatronics have in the second game, however, his lower jaw is missing, showing his endoskeleton, he now has full sets of sharp teeth, one of them is noticeably chipped, like Freddy, his nose is also blockier, his one of his eyes are falling out, leaving his endoskeleton eye visible, he has three buttons on his chest, and his books are a few yellow pages with a ripped book cover, which was originally named "Notes" it is now just N, T, and S respectfully. He has stitches on his arms and legs, a huge rip on his belly, and wires poking out of random spots, his endoskeleton feet are exposed as well as his right hand, revealing his claws, contracted or retracted.


He will normally stare into the camera, it is unknown why, as in the first he pays little to no attention to the cameras.

  • He will start in parts and service, only his popped out eye can be seen as the rest of his body is silhouetted in the darkness.
  • He will proceed to walk out of parts and service and in the main hall, he will stare at the camera,this is the only room he can be easily seen when the light is off, since you can see his endoskeleton eyes in the dark.
  • He will walk into Party Room 3, his knees bent and, of course, staring into the camera
  • He will head to the hall near the Office, in a crouched position, but at this point to where he is ready to pounce, he can leave if flashed by the flashlight, like Foxy.
  • He will be in Party Room 2 his claws bared this time, ready to crawl into the Vents.
  • He will proceed to head into the Vent, he now has full endoskeleton eyes.
  • He will then approach your office, like Bonnie and Chica, he will also bypass the vent entrance. He will be crouched in front of you, ready to pounce, claws bared and all, failing to put on the mask will cause Panswer to jump out of the Hall, pouncing you, leading to a gameover.


Night 1


Night 2

also Inactive.

Night 3

Least active this night,but is quick to switch rooms.

Night 4

Moderately active, and will skip a few rooms ,but will stay in rooms longer.

Night 5

Most active,his difficulty sharply raises, returns to quickly switching rooms, and will approach your office more.

Night 6

Extremely active, but will stay in rooms longer, but quicker the closer he is to your office.

Night 7

Can have his AI set. However, 20 AI level will make him extremely active, like on night 6, but will also quickly switch rooms.


  • He will become more ready to pounce the closer he is to you.
  • even without his lower jaw, he can still cause extreme damage if bitten, this has been proven as he attacked another animatronic OC during roleplay, ripping a part of his suit clean off of his ear.

Phone Call

"Hello? Hey, umm... So If you are hearing this, then you have continued your night shift. Um, hey listen, I bet that by now you may have seen... That eyeball... In the back, um, yeah, that's another animatronic, um.. I think he goes by the name, like 'Panswer' or something, he was used at the old location, t-to answer the kids questions, we had a room set up for him and everything. Umm... He was... More advanced than the other animatronics... Um, some kind of Game Scoreboard thing, uh, advanced AI, and he even moved like a panther, zooming to the nearest kid who wanted to ask him a question... Then, one day... I don't know, something about a kid who accidentally thrown a cup full of soda, he then, basically went haywire, none of the co-workers and the manager didn't think much of it... h-he seemed to function just fine, then a kid got a high score on one of the games, it was like, 'Lumber Sons Co.' or something...and the scores were full of just numbers, they seemed to form a pentagram... Yeah, pretty unsettling. um, they eventually found out it was Panswer, and he became... Decommissioned... They didn't want to make a kid-friendly version of him as the company was worried that he may become a potential threat... To them. *Clears Throat* he shouldn't be active, but if he is j-just keep peeking around the cameras, he is quick to switch rooms... Alright, that's about it, don't... Don't get caught by him. Alright, goodnight."


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