Oswald is an unfinished suit which was left within Treasure Island when the Island was shut in the year 1999. Oswald was one of the suits with the others which had done paranormal activites through nights from 12AM to 6AM.

Oswald was never finished so his features are imcomplete, leaving him armless, and his colour and facial features were also not finished, so he is hard to see in the darkness when wondering around.

Until a different 'company' bought the Island's property, Oswald was then put into the Backstage/Parts and Service, of  Freddy Fazbear's Pizzam and kept in there to make sure, he dosen't wonder out.


Oswald's appearance was never finished, so it leaves him as a pitch black suit, with a few colours of his blue shorts.

He is also armless, so he isn't able to attack any people near by.

His eyes and mouth sometimes often leak white liquid, and his body starts dripping black drops.


He starts in the Backroom/Parts and Service/Storage Room, which he then levaes it and says different things like "God" or "Have Mercy on me please, i only ask for this" 
Oswald Attack Under Desk

Which when he enters the office, the lights will shut off, which will alert the player, if the player is too slow, then Oswald will then attack the player. The Player can both either shut off a camera when Oswald is in the Office, or can hide under the desk, but it will be a 50/50 chance for survival.