Fnaf head shot adopts closed by squirrelax-d8gtr9d

Oopsy Daisy May (Drawn by Squirrelax)

Oopsy Daisy May is an animatronic originally intended to replace SpringBonnie and Bonnie but later got scrapped and was set in the backroom with the SpringTrap animatronic. Oopsy Daisy May had a Golden version of herself named Golden May, which was intended to replace SpringBonnie before the place closed down. She also had a Toy version and Nightmare version as well.


Oopsy is a cross between pitbull and pug, and was going to replace Bonnie but was later scrapped, she has peach colored skin and a white belly with a blue bow tie on her head. Her eyes are a light blue and she somewhat of the same structure as Bonnie. The inside of her mouth is red, she has a brown snout with a few freckles on them.


There was a 6th child in the Freddy Fazbear murders named Panini. She wanted to chase the 4 kids away, while they were all in the diner, so they can stop bullying the child in FNaF 4, but one of them hit her with a spade in the head, making her faint. Second one, grabbed a big boulder and smashed it in her head, killing her. Then they buried her in the back of where the diner was, where there was lots of dirt. Her ghost is still wandering around. She would repeat "All I wanted was to help..". Her soul is in the Oopsy Suit, but after years Elosia was hired, and the spirits put HER in the Oopsy Suit. Then Panini's soul flew off, repeating at least 10 times "Thank you for taking my place."

Toy Oopsy Daisy May

Gif toy oopsy jumpscare gif by merci x cube110-d8jbre6

She looks pretty much the same but has blue eyelids and red rosy cheeks.

(( This Character Belongs to a friend of mine on Deviantart named "Merci-x-Cube110" ))

Nightmare Oopsy

Nightmare oopsy by merci x cube110-d93794x

She looks the same but has sharp teeth and a red, mechanical right eye, her bows are ripped up and she has multiple wires hanging out of her.

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