OmniFreddy, the supreme being

OmniFreddy is a powerful and ultimate being and his true form is terrifying and mysterious, OmniFreddy is a very

powerful being, so powerful that he cannot control it, the amount of power was so much that he lost control and collapsed as the power took over, morphing him into a constantly warping mass of power, he strikes without warning, he has no mercy, OmniFreddy will devour everything in his path if absolutely necessary, defeating him is a true challenge for anyone.


OmniFreddy is an alternate version of Freddy, from a universe where Freddy Fazbears Pizza never experienced the bite, and the restaurant became extremely popular for centuries

In the distant future, Consciousness for animatronics had been developed, the animatronics were able to move on their on, and were no longer controlled by a program, they had some degree of intelligence, but this was just the beginning

However the science was still in early development, they didn't have the intelligence to do more complicated actions, but they were conscious.

One day, Freddy was entertaining as usual, however with his new consciousness came curiosity, and he would wander off in the night, he came across an abandoned machine, the machine could travel dimensions, it was invented by a scientist named Dr. Metspher, he was then arrested for creating such a dangerous machine, who knows what hostile beings could be encountered? The machine was destroyed and hidden in a abandoned forest, a forest that Freddy wandered into. However the Machine was not broken entirely, the dimension crystal that powered the machine had still been active, as Freddy walked towards the machine, he noticed the crystal on a side panel.

Since Freddy was still very much robotic, touching the crystal severely damaged him and his brain, his body could not handle the vast power and abilities and the crystal destroyed his body, morphing him into a gigantic mass of power and dimension travelling energy, Freddy destroyed the entire earth in two days, devouring everything in his path

He now wanders from dimension to dimension, destroying everything, his brain is too corrupt now and he only grows more strong and more hunger for destruction.

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