"Uh, there is also one more thing we found, ..a animatronic, if you can even call it that since it's basically a mesh, flashing the blindspot light seems to work on it, whatever you do DONT USE THE DOOR, it will break the door down."

Old Ennard is a animatronic mesh of the old animatronics' endoskeletons and the main antagonist of the Half Canceled game Five Nights with Ennard



A unfinished teaser image, Leaked.

Old Ennard appears to have a rusty endoskeleton, however this is only down to the waist, due to the developer's experience with Paint Tool SAI. His button is noticeably cracked, and his mask is dirty and old, the top right (or left depending on point of view) segment of the mask is missing and probably torn off.

The image to the right is a unfinished leaked teaser, it is unkown who did this but they will be caught!


Ditto, but finished

Night 1

Ennard is half active so the player can get used to the mechanics of the game. Ennard's typical behavior is to go to the right door, due to it not having a hall light, however a mask of Golden Freddy is yet to be in the game, this would help the player ward off Old Ennard if he happens to do so.

P.S: to not spoil the whole game i will only include night 2 after night 1

Night 2

Ennard is fully active on this night, but his AI is toned down a bit so it isnt too hard, on this night, Ennard splits his attention to both doors, this night the player has to change their strategy because a new animatronic will come into play. More in 2016 CRISTMAS! :). -MLG Bonnie The Bunny 2016

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