Eagle Pootis's OC (A.K.A OGP) is an russian animatronic with a really creepy/sexy face. He was created by Eagle Pootis, Chick, Bill and Dan_Net.


OGP often drinks russian water, kvas and Whiteboy73. When he gets mad, he screams like a pig and starts punching people. He gets the chicks by looking at them with a really sexy face. He normally shows a german war veteran haircut, and a top hat, wich is rumored to be the actual reason that he's so sexy.


OGP was walking on the streeths and finded a banana peel, before he could eat it, Robbie Rotten camed and captured him with a net that he just found. After that OGP was sended to the meme machine where he becamed a meme. After this OGP started becoming crazy and drinking vodka all night long. He later becamed a boxer where he used cardboard boxes to fight.


  • OGP is rumored to be NFKRZ's brother, due to his pig scream.
    • However, NFRKZ isn't sexy, and OGP is.
  • Oddly, OGP's mother is a bear. But OGP shows no sign of a bear heritage.
  • He was confirmed to have a final form, wich is rumored to be recolored by the recolor master, Official Leobear Productions.

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