"We have a great surprise for you, your not gonna believe this, we found one, a REAL one, we found one of the those animatronics that were from that Brother Location that was destroyed."

-Phone Man talking about No String

No String (A.K.A. Withered Stringy) is a withered puppet animatronic that was the only animatronic that survived after the Brother Location was destroyed.


No String has bloody red eyes and has his fore arms and fore lags's skin missing, showing his endoskeleton fore arms and fore lags, he also has his right hand broke off of him, he is also have his right eye lid's skin missing, he also even has giant scars on his face connected to his eyes, the one on the left eye is going up, as the one on the right eye is going down (but stops to the mouth).


He has the same feelings as the other animatronics have, but he seem to be very deadly to the night guards...though it seem to be that he is NOT doing it on purpose...


No String acts the same way as Springtrap, but when he gets to the hallway to your office, he starts running right to it, if he gets in your office, he'll zoom right at you from the side and screeches at you


  • Phantom Toy Freddy
  • Phantom Toy Bonnie
  • Phantom Toy Chica
  • Phantom Mongle
  • Phantom Balloon Boy
  • Phantom Marionette


  • Joe Afton
  • Horror


No String could be possessed by the Bite of '83 victim (Sam Schmidt).

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