Nightmare Suicide Mouse is a character in Five Nights at Treasure Island Nightmare before Disney.


Nightmare Suicide Mouse is clearly based off of the Nightmare animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy's 4. He has extremely sharp teeth CLEARLY CAPABLE OF KILLING A PERSON. His finger tips are sharp drills. He appears to have spikes in his eyes, like the other Nightmare suits. A part of his head is torn open, revealing yellow chunky blood. His eyes are yellow.


Nightmare Suicide Mouse has no origin as he is merely a nightmare.


  • He haunts the dreams of whomever plays FNaTI NbD.
  • It is possible he has a human stuffed inside of him.
  • He and Nightmare Freddy are similar in appearance.
  • He seems to be the ruler of the Nightmare suits.
  • It is possible that he actually exists.