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Nightmare Springtrap is a Nightmare compared to 'Nightmare Fredbear' . Nightmare Springtrap only appears on Night 8, as the Night is also by the name "Challenge" as when completing the Night, the player will unlock another star, and also a Chica, Bonnie, SpringBonnie, Fredbear plush for the Bedroom, as most of them will be in different places such as the floor and on the dressers.

He is a nightmarish, twisted version of Springtrap, which has sharp teeth, and evil red eyes.


The Design of Nightmare Springtrap is supposed to be based of his look from 'FNaF3' (Five Nights at Freddy's 3) which his Body shape is identicle to Nightmare Fredbear's.

Nightmare Springtrap has a greenish/yellowish costume which has giant sharp teeth with blood stains covered on the teeth. The Colours of Nightmare Springtrap also, is very very dark green, known to be one of the Hard Seeing Animatronics when moving about within the Hallways. He also has giant claws coming out his hands and feet.


Nightmare Springtrap's behaviour is meant to be Difficult, nearly the same Behaviour as 'Nightmare', Nightmare Springtrap moves fast.

Nightmare Springtrap In Hallway
He also proceeds to the Office from both Doors, and if the Player goes to the wrong door more than Twice  he will be visible running behind the Player just for a second.
Nightmare Springtrap Attacking

Nightmare Springtrap Attacking The Player

If the player sees him once, then the counting resets, giving the Player a chance to try and complete the night. Once activated, the other animatronics even including Fredbear will then be deactive for the rest of that night, leaving the player to try and beat against Nightmare Springtrap. Springtrap very rarely enters the Closet and appears on the bed, but the player will be able to tell by hearing the 'Moan' sound, but more Demonic, based of the sound when Springtrap moves in Five Nights at Freddy's 3.


Warning: LOUD



As it shows by the Picture, there it shows Nightmare Springtrap in the Extra Menu, to obtain Nightmare Springtrap on
Nightmare Springtrap extra
the Extra list, the player must put in a certain code on the main menu,
Extras in the Bedroom
note: all 4 stars must be unlocked. After the code is put in, a Night will automatically start, showing Night 666, which the player will then have to face Nightmare Springtrap, if they fail, nothing bad will happen, so dont worry.
Night 666
Once the player has completed this Night, they will unlock Plushies for the bedroom, such as: Fredbear, SpringBonnie, Bonnie and Chica.


  • Unlike in FNaF3, the rotting body parts which are in Springtrap do Not appear in Nightmare Springtrap, as Purple Guy hadn't entered the Springlocked suit in that time.
  • Because of SpringBonnie being from Fredbear's Family Diner along with Fredbear, SpringBonnie has the same body type as Fredbear, so the kid sees N.Springtrap identical to Fredbear.
  • N.Springtrap in the future may be remastered, but that depends.

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