Were you looking for one of Nightmare Silver's counterparts: Silver, Toy Silver, or Phantom Silver?


Nightmare Silver looks like the original Silver, but she is completely tattered with no wings. She has blood and dirt stains on her, and rows of razor sharp teeth. Both of her eyes are missing.


Nightmare Silver has quite a minor role compared to the others. If the player has just avoided Foxy's jumpscare, the next time they open the closet, Nightmare Silver will be there. She will attack much faster than Foxy-giving the player barely any time to close the closet door. If the player waits an hour before opening the closet, then there is a fifty percent chance Nightmare Silver will appear on the bed and attack the player, resulting in a Game Over.


  • Sometimes flapping noises can be heard in the kitchen. This is a nod to how the original Silver would make flapping noises in the kitchen.
  • Upon brighting the teaser image for her one will see the words: Maybe it was me?

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