Nightmare Mr.Dino

Nightmare Mr. Dino is what you expect. A nightmare Dino. He(the normal version of him) originated from a restauraunt called Mr. Dinos Icecream Diner. He was the star of that Place, it closed for unknown reasons...


Nightmare Mr. Dino  is a purple dinosaur animatronic that has yellow glowing eyes, both his feet are showing his endo. He has black claws and has teath on his body for some reason(hmmm that sounds familliar doesnt it? eh eh?)

How he would act in fnaf 4

For example: He tricks you into thinking he goes to the left hallway, but hes actually going to the right allway, how does he do it?

He basically sends a fake ghost version of himself,

If you see the ghost version in a left or right hallway, immeditally go to the opposite hallway, and close the door. you will then hear footsteps, that means he goes away.

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