Nightmare Bonnie Bunny, or simply Nightmare Bonnie, is an animatronic that was bought from an auction and brought to a child's home.


Gfor was a spare Bonnie, that was somehow given life by her ghost, that earlier possessed Mangle. She was posted up at an auction and was bought, and now she lives in your home.


hia buddy


After giving up on possessing Mangle, Gfor escaped the body and went on to possess one of the spare Bonnie suits. After going in, she successfully put the endoskeleton in the suit, and now she is an animatronic. After getting used to being Bonnie, she finally made a few friends, and formed a family after discovering her first relationship, of course with Corrupted Springtrap. She has been with CS for 5 months now, and hopes to continue their relationship. Other than her husband, she has four brothers, and two sisters.


Here is the official list of Gfor's family members (excluding herself)