"Did you see Nightmare Bonnie or whatever his name is? Yeah, I never actually liked him too much... Keep an eye out for him..."- A description of Nightmare Bonnie by Phone Guy

Nightmare Bonnie is an animatronic bunny, that looks similar to Nightmare Freddy. He is a character in the upcoming FNaF4.


Nightmare Bon has purple fur, with a lavender muzzle and chest fur. Though, his costume is completely tattered and torn apart, many endoskeleton parts being revealed. He has very sharp teeth, and has five fingers with a very sharp claw on each.

Nightmare Bonnie

(Artwork by GforGolden)

Full name Bonnie the bunny
Species Animatronic rabbit
Gender Genderless (The actual character gender is male)
Occupation Entertainer
Location Unknown atm
Color Purple


After the disastrous fire at Fazbear's Fright, Nightmare Bonnie was occasionally found in a pile of debris while the fire department team looked in the rubble. Fazbear Entertainment was unsure of how he got in Fazbear's Fright, but had an idea of what to do with him. Since his costume was very dirty and unpolished, they washed his costume off first, then seeing his gaping holes and his exposed endoskeleton parts. A staff member decided that the company should open up a new establishment, housing Nightmare Bonnie in.

After a few days of thinking, Fazbear Entertainment agreed with the staff member and decided to take his idea into action. They built the establishment, finally putting every decoration and extra content in. A team of four repair men brought in Nightmare Bonnie, and left his costume with exposing endoskeleton parts and wires there. After opening up the building officially, Nightmare Bonnie was the only animatronic there at the moment to entertain the kids who visited. After the closure of the building at some point, Nightmare Bon grew a hate for adult humans after he remembered Fazbear Entertainment left him to rot there.


  • Nightmare Bonnie's name went through a variety of name choices, such as Bubblegum, Bonnibel, Benny, and even Boonay before his final name choice was Nightmare Bonnie
  • Fazbear Entertainment, not even Phone Guy, or anyone, has knowledge on who built Nightmare Bonnie or even put him in Fazbear's Fright

  • It is possible that Springtrap is an early model of Nightmare Bonnie

  • There is no reason why Nightmare Bonnie has "Nightmare" in his name, though a possible reason why is because of his dangerous and tattered look

  • Though Freddy Fazbear is the most iconic character of the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza franchise, Nightmare Bonnie was the star of the new establishment he was housed in, and Bonnie is a secondary character in the FFP line

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