Nightmare Mangle, based of Nightmare from FNaF4, Nightmare Mangle has a pitch black body, with the colors red and gray.

Nightmare Mangle is named Nightmare as this Mangle is in a Fazbear's Fright as an Attraction, a scare attraction, so the new and not kid friendly look will be able to scare a few folks which pass through.


Nightmare Mangle has a pitch black body, which her features include:

  • Red Lipstick and siding 
  • Sharp teeth and claws
  • Gray stomach
  • Red and gray tail.

Based of the original Mangle look along with Toy Foxy's look, so Nightmare Mangle has a fixed up body, except she has a few endo parts coming out of her body into another, and also another arm which sticks out.


When the Guard is in the Office, Nightmare Mangle can climb onto the ceiling, but she stays in the darkness and cannot be seen in the hallway.

Nightmare Mangle will cause the lights to flicker on and off before attacking the Guard,