If you have any sense left in that pitiful little brain of yours, if you value your continued existence, if you have plans on seeing tomorrow... then there's one thing you never put in a trap. Me.
— The Doctor
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If there's one person in all the Omniverse you NEVER cross, under ANY circumstances, even the most dire, it's The Doctor.

The most powerful race in the Universe, the Daleks, had a mass-destruction weapon which would erase all of reality, leaving the Daleks the last race in existence.

The Doctor stopped them.

The High Council of Gallifrey were going to destroy Time itself, and many realities in the process, and move on to a higher plane of existence.

The Doctor stopped them.

The Doctor died before his companion's eyes.

He came back.

The Doctor stepped into his own Time Stream, which would easily severe his body and rip it into a million pieces in time and space.

He emerged out alive, and with his companion, too.

The Doctor's TARDIS exploded and destroyed all existence, including the Time Vortex itself.

The Doctor used the Pandorica to stop it in a Time Lock, and he came back.

The Doctor absorbed the Time Vortex and BECAME TIME ITSELF. If you thought that was ridiculous, consider that if the Doctor got his hands on the Glory. The Glory is an infinite-dimensional temporal construct that holds the infinite dimensional Omniverse togethor. An indescribability so amazing, so powerful, it holds all reality together, and can see the Omniversal Spectrum. Immeasurable power. IMMEASURABLE. Even the Time Vortex is nothing. Imagine. What the Doctor would do if he could control such a thing.


Whenever the Doctor dies, he comes back, maybe not how you're used to, but he always comes back.


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