"Hey, uhh, Asides from the other old animatronics, there's one suit somewhere in the building, I don't know much about him, but, uhh.. He's dangerous, so, uhh... Be safe." Phone guy describing Nekro in the Night 2 phone call in FNaF 2.


Nekro is an animatronic that takes place in the events of FNaF 2, Nekro was supposedly a 4th remake of Bonnie (The Third apparently being Bannie The Bunny.) just incase they needed another, but it got scrapped later on cause of unknown reasons, Most people speculate it is because it did something to one of the employees, possibly harming him, but another reason might be cause its horrifying look, Not much is known about him other than this.


Nekro does not usually attack, his starting location isn't even known, he follows the path of ??? > Game Area > Main Hallway > Office, He also always follows the pattern in order, One thing is that Nekro almost never appears and does his pattern, its a very rare chance, apparently something rarely triggers him when you look at Prize Corner.


Nekro looks like a very dark purple, almost black, animatronic bunny, He is very rusty and has some wires hanging out of him, He has small very dark brown smudges on him, but they almost aren't visible, He also appears to always be eyeless, he doesen't even have the white iris in his eye, he is always just eyeless, He is about as damaged as the new animatronic from FNaF 3, otherwise known as "Springtrap" by some people, he also has a metall blade going through his left hand, The object is very sharp, so it can cut things.


Nekro is not allike from other animatronics, He is like Golden Freddy from FNaF 1, something triggers him in the Prize Corner camera feed, Nekro is also known to hide in the shadows, much like Freddy Fazbear from FNAF 1, Nekro will only enter the office from the Main Hall.

Night 1

On night 1 Nekro is inactive, and nothing can trigger his appearance.

Night 2

On night 2 Nekro is inactive, and nothing can trigger his appearance.

Night 3

Nekro can rarely be triggered when you look at the prize corner feed.

Night 4

Nekro can be triggered more frequently now, and he moves a bit faster when triggered.

Night 5

Nekro can be triggered by a 40% chance, he is a bit likely to appear this night.

Night 6

Nekro can be triggered by a 60% chance, and he moves allot faster.

Night 7

Nekro is in the Night 7 menu, and you can change his level, but, a new feature is also beside his name, saying "Chance To Appear: 0%" and you can change the chance to appear when looking at the prize corner feed.


Nekro has a few quotes that he says ingame, But, all of these are him whispering, so you can't hear it well.

"They forgot you, Save you're self.."

"Hide under that mask..."

"Why do you come back?"

These are all the quotes for now.


FNaF 3

(I know, the game isn't even out yet, but we have allot of info on our hands so why not.)

30 years later, Only one left? They were wrong.

Info/Story (FNAF3)

Nekro should be almost completely gone by now, But, he remains in some way, After 30 years of torture, he is somehow still alive and not taken away, By now people would've thunk the story about him would be over, but not many people reallize he is somewhere in this horror attraction, Not much else is known.

Locations (FNAF3)

(This section will be worked on later, We do not know the names of all the places in the horror attraction.)

Appearance (FNAF3)

Nekro is a dark purple animatronic bunny, with wires hanging out everywhere, and rips all over his body, His left hand is also gone, and the metall blade is all that's left of his left hand, He is very rusty too, he is also still eyeless.

Behavior (FNAF3)

Unlike from FNAF2, he is now very aggressive, willing to attack the guard at any moment, Nekro also does not hide in the shadows anymore, Well, it is 30 years after all, that's allot of time to change, Nekro is much allike to Bonnie The Bunny from the first game, always wanting to attack.

Night 1

Normally as active as Bonnie The Bunny on the first night in FNAF1.

Night 2

He will appear at you're office about 3 times in this night.

Night 3

He will show up pretty frequently, appearing at the office almost 6 times.

Night 4

He is very active, and will appear at the office 8 or 10 times probably.

Night 5

He is insanely active, and will appear the office 20 or 25 times probably.

Night 6

It is not known the third game will have this night, so this will be unknown.

Night 7

It is not known the third game will have this night, so this will be unknown.


Nekro has a few quotes in the third game, Here they are.

"Don't come back..."

"I...see you..."

"You...are still here?"

Those are all the quotes for now.

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