"Uh hello!? Somebody please pick up the phone! This is not some message, this for real, if your a night guard and your listening to me, get out of the restaurant Now! Leave now! Don't come back! Get out quick before he....ARGH!" Phone Guy, Night 7.

Your shift has begun, yet unlike your previous shifts shivers run up your back and down your arms. Something unlike the previous nights is going to happen. Something that sends draws the heat from your core and like ice the tiles seem to crack as you walk toward the office. Something evil is going to happen, something that is eerie. You settle into your chair and flip on the monitor.

You flip through the channels. But where are the animatronics? You search every cam and flip on every light, but yet there are still no animatronics in sight. Its just you and the empty pizzeria. Your fan drones on, you here the background dripping noise. But you stay alert you continue to check the hall lights, and you get antsy with the doors. In your anxious to be safe you waste power. And soon the power is gone and you sit in the dark.

But where is the music, the dreaded march? Where's the face of Freddy? You sit waiting thinking the game is glitching. The audible background of a dripping noise continues. Yet, nothing happens. Then you hear something that sounds like breathing. You wonder if its Chica, or worse Bonnie. Yet these noises are different. You wish you had your cams, but the power is out.

Your paranoia has been building for a while now. You can feel the cold sweat pouring out of your pores. You begin to hear footsteps coming closer, and closer to your doors. And then silence, your vision begins to waver, and you attempt to glance at the clock but even that is out of power. Your vision goes dark for a second, then the last thing you see are they animatronics all gathered but blurry, and then blackness.

Newspaper Clip


A new mystery as to the death of the recently hired Night Guard for Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. Victim was found dead in office chair, blood on floor, but no wound of any sort. Police cannot currently rule out the cause of the death....


Moros is suspected to have once been an animatronic that tragically was either destroyed or set ablaze. Whatever is once was its life force continues to haunt the Pizzeria like a force of darkness. Its victims find themselves to the point of going insane from paranoia and from terror. Unlike the other games Moros is only present on the night after the last night.

(This is a Freeman23 work)