Moonsong the Wolf is an OC made by Ubertheif, Uber would like you to not edit it unless fixing spelling/grammar mistakes.

Moonsong the Wolf is a Grey Wolf Animatronic, she is possessed by a spirit named Charlie, she was my first OC, and has gone through many changes, this is what I usually agree on when filling out fourms for her though!

Moonsong the Wolf goes by Moonsong, she is very sarcastic with new people and isn't that friendly, once you break through her tough outer shell though, she is really nice and will defend you.

Moonsong's appearance is this: She stands on 2 legs and has a mostly grey body, the inside of her ears are white though. She is usually seen wearing a colored hoodie, with words that nobody has been able to make out.

She has been in many roleplays and gone through many personalities, the one that is most used is this: Moonsong is sarcastic, rude and mean at first, she's not one most will get along with. But once you have proven yourself to not stab her in the back she becomes very light-hearted and joking. Betray her and she will NEVER forget it. If you have betrayed her expect her to fight you alot. She's not one to toy around with.

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