Mixi, or Toy Funtime Golden Circus FreBonChicFoxBallPupMangSpriBabBidyBallorMinireenEnnardYenndonet-Bon is the main antagonist at Five Nights at Freddy's 1992.


Mixi has 4 pairs of ears, one for Bonnie, one for Yenndo, one for Freddy and one for Foxy. It has a yellow tuft of hair between its connected hats. It has a pair of red pigtails poking out of its hat. It has brown hair. 

Wth is this?!?!?!

Mixi boasts long eyelashes and green irises. It has red cheeks with pink lines from its eye. It has a dark tan muzzle with spots and a human nose. Mixi has a gray mouth with dark gray teeth.

Poking out of Mixi's neck is an endoskeleton head with a pair of blue ears which look like Bonnie's. It has a circular chest with a circular bib saying, "Let's Eat" in a plain text. It holds a black, unplugged microphone and a small, white plate with a small cupcake on it. Mixi has a bushy, red tail.  Mixi wears a pink tutu saying, "Let's Party!". It also wears brown trousers. Mixi has endoskeleton legs and feet with red nail polishes.


Mixi goes on these rooms in this order.

Show Stage- Dining Hall- Party Room- Toilet- Bollara's Gallery- Playground- Vents

Although Mixi has a fixed set of locations, sometimes she randomly teleports to other places.


Mixi is the most aggressive animatronic in the game, she starts to wake up at  12 AM at night 10. It is advised that, when it is now in the playground, close the vent immediately. Doing this incorrectly would result in a jumpscare. 


  • It is unknown what is Mixi's gender.
    • Some say Mixi is a girl, since it wears a pink tutu, has long eyelashes, and has pigtails on the top of his head.
      • Others say that Mixi is a boy because it wears a hat, trousers and a red bowtie

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