Hey uhh.. I just wanted to tell you.. uhh... I shouldn't have dared you to go there.. I'm sorry.. just please.. please come back..."
— The person trapped in The Red Place's friend, calling him on the phone on Night 7.


Mistan is an old and rusted Freddy Fazbear. He was dismantled for killing a group of employees. Not much else is known.It is only known that Mistan was scrapped in 1992,3 months after Spring John's had been shut down.It is not at all known when Mistan was made however but it is assumed that most likely Mistan was made in the early 1980s in between 1980,1981,and 1982.


Mistan looks like Freddy Fazbear with a bow tie that half of is missing and a top hat that has a few small cuts and tears in it, but painted red. His eyes have been removed completely and he also has rips all over him, showing the Endoskeleton. What's odd is that he is much taller than normal Freddy. He also has 3 buttons on his chest under his bow tie that are covered in mold.The Endoskeleton is also covered up with rust.The suit is also a little bit green due to mold and all around rot.


Mistan is mysterious and likes to quickly take out people who visit his home. Most people never get to tell the tale of the place again once they get caught. Most people, on their first night, get caught quickly by either The Puppet or Mistan himself, making even the first night hard.

The only two known survivors would be Gary Fredrick and John Savoy since they are the only two that are known to have gotten out alive.

Friends And Enemies


  • Springtrap
  • Deathtrap
  • Bloody
  • Tigietrap
  • Purple Guy
  • Yellow Guy


  • Any Type Of Human
  • Any animatronic that tries to get revenge on his friends for killing them
  • Phone Guy

More enemies to be added.


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