A movie based off the NSAC 2/4 murders.



  • Episode 1: The First Grounding (Aired on sometime at 2013 or around 2014)
  • Episode 2: Even Not A Big Surprise (Aired on a week after Mil's punishment ended)
  • Episode 3: Not You Again (Aired on April 2, 2014)
  • Episode 4: Mayhem of Hate (Aired a week later at 3:00 PM)
  • Episode 5: Don't Escape The Devils (Aired after car rental in July 2014)
  • Episode 6: A Small Punishment (Aired at morning of the all day car drive in 2014)
  • Episode 7: Unfair (Aired on car buy at Septemer 2014)
  • Episode 7.5: Not Sorry? (Aired between Episode 7 and 8)
  • Episode 8: No car there for a day (Aired after 7.5, six weeks later)
  • Episode 9: Avensis Crash (Aired after original voice actress Sally Peters died in a car crash)
  • Episode 9.25: An BIG Punishment (Aired a month after Episode 9 aired on DVD, in October 3 2014 when Mil came home)
  • Episode 10: Mil's Show Goes Away From The Air (Aired 2/3 months before a Car Crash in 2015)


  • Episode 1: An BIG Possession (Aired on Car Crash in 2015, before Mil died in a car crash)
  • Episode 2: Your car is no longer there (Aired on a car steal in 2015)
  • Episode 2.5: Unfair Hell (Aired on Car Rental after the steal)
  • Episode 4: Where is the Previous Grounding (Aired after at the end of a grounding at the end of said Car Rental)
  • Episode 5.5: Murder (Aired after first murder at August 2015)
  • Episode 7: Too Glitchy Season For Mil (Aired In Jaunary 2016)
  • Episode 9.5: Mil's Stoppable Adventure Always Returns (Aired In April 6)


  • Episode 1: The Unstoppable Adventure's Over (Aired after Mil's ground for a day repeated)
  • Episode 3: I don't Love you (Aired on August 15, 2016 after Mil was disliked)
  • Episode 3.5: Mayhem of Unfairness (Aired after Mil was disliked more)
  • Episode X: Too Short (Will air on Septemer 17, 2016 for Mil's new tom cat toy)


  • Episode 1: Mil's Unfair Holiday (Will air on Nev Year's Eve 2016)
  • Episode C: What's THE FUK On? (Airs on New Year's Day 2017 as another holiday/observance episode)


  • Episode 1: Retirement And Mil's Infinite Grounding (Airs on July 2017 as a final and concept episode)

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