Mikacu is a young teenager that usually visits Freddy's. He has dark, brown hair which most of the time, covers his right eye. He has 2 Katanas, one called the Katoshimi, and the other called the Nuwashigama. Both of these katanas represent Dark and Light. He is shy, but would do anything too help a friend in need. He would also do anything for a girl, in which he believes he is a proper man, and should act like one (Very mature). Though, when with good friends, he loves to have a laugh, and is very sunny with people he knows, however, he is willing to take on anybody that enforces his own personal rules.

Friendships/Animatronic Friends

Chica, Balloon Boy 2.0, Foxy (Haven't RP'd with this character yet, so not much friends. You may ask in the comments if you wish though.)